Project super smash bros.

About the project

In this project, I recreated the iconic Super Smash Bros. video game.
The main goal of the project was to learn how to correctly gather information.
Additionally, it presented an opportunity for me to learn about effective teamwork and collaboration, setting the stage for personal and professional growth.

My role in the team

In our Super Smash Bros. remake project, I was the combat developer.
My job was to create the character attacks and hitboxes, the things that make characters hit each other and deal damage in the game.
It was a fun job because I got to work on a game that I really like.


After the Super Smash Bros. project, I discovered my passion for combat development, a role I loved.
The project taught me about game mechanics and user stories, enhancing my skills and understanding of them.
It was a valuable stepping stone that continues to shape my career in the dynamic world of game development.

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